Sunday, 25 March 2018

Welcome to our homes!

As part of our Term 1 inquiry across the school around 'Living as a Connected Community' we have been exploring diversity and culture.

In Koru Hub we have been thinking about our family culture - activities, beliefs, routines and celebrations that are important to our families. We created 'House Art' pictures - fold out versions of our houses that show who are part of our families and what is important to us.

We are now writing descriptions of our house art so we can share them with others. We believe it is important to share our family culture with others, and to learn about the culture of others; this helps us to appreciate and embrace the wonderful diversity in our school, our community and our world.

Here are some descriptions that we have written about our homes so far:

Kirat's Home
Hi i’m Kirat and i’ll be talking about me and my family, so first I’ll be talking about my little brother. He likes to play jokes on me, and my parents. Once he pretended to be a wizard, and turn me into a frog. My mom dresses up always into fancy clothes whenever we go for a special occasion! My dad loves to play sport With me especially cricket we spend a lot of time with each other. Me I am so sporty that I go crazy when I play sports!

In my family we celebrate Holi,it’s when you splash amazing colorful colors on other people
and you say happy Holi and rub the colors on to their faces, it is funnier than you think.
And we celebrate it. My family celebrates Christmas. Every Christmas Eve me and my family put food for santa underneath the christmas tree.  In the morning I'm so excited to open the christmas presents because I love presents!
My house. It is as white as a polar bear, the roof tiles are black like an extremely dark hole!
We have a basketball hoop and we even have a playhouse (dark blue.)

Liam H's home
Come to my house
Outside my house I have a hot barbecue as hot as a match.I have a really old outdoor table.
Meet my family - my cat is fat as a elephant with his soft fluff.His favorite thing to do is have a rough catfight. Last night I could see him from my dark bedroom looking at a bush.He got ready to jump up into the dark sky oh my gosh.
My celebration (EASTER). I celebrate Easter. When it is Easter me and my sister go on big Easter hunt. Once my mum  put a Easter egg in my lego box but my fat cat ripped the shiny soft wrapping and it melted on top of my lego box. (boo hoo)

Ezekiel's home
Welcome to my house the chance is you have seen it before.     
My house has a  small backyard {it's not a real backyard}. Its a tree balcony  we can only see trees. To get to that balcony you need to go on the stairs outside or the back door.
The inside: Once you come in my house you will see stairs but in front of the stairs at the side there is two rooms. One is the garage we do not park one of the cars in the garage because we need somewhere to put our boxes. The other room is the tv room we don’t use that room because it does not have a tv.
The color of my house is blue and black. My house does not have a space to ride my bike so I don't ride my bike. I have a four person family I have a sister a mom and a dad. My sister is the lazy one my dad is the chief of the family. My mum is the main cook. The end.


Saturday, 18 November 2017

People in the know tell you more about Amesbury School

In Koru Hub we have been writing reports about various topics.

We decided that we would like to let our community know more about various aspects of the school. Last week we shared some of our reports about electives. This week we will let you know a bit more about Amesbury School, because we think it's a bit different and special.

We hope you find our reports informative.

Amesbury School is fun because we have got three playgrounds. Kids get teached (taught) inside a class. 
There are three hubs like Koru and Te Rito. The big kids are in Harakeke. 
We have one big playground. We have two little playgrounds. We have a baby playground so babies have fun. 
You should come to Amesbury School because we have a bike track. 
Josh V

Amesbury School is colourful and special. Amesbury School is special because the people are nice. The teachers are funny because they sometimes make mistakes. And they are the best because they teach us cool stuff like maths. 
Amesbury School is cool because lots of people are going there because it is special. 

Amesbury School is in Churton Park and it has two playgrounds. During lunch some people go on the playground to play on the monkey bars, swings and balance beam! The best thing at Amesbury School is learning because when some people do maths, they like play with the blocks! 

Amesbury School is a popular school that has hardly any problems and it is a very good school. Children read with their reading teacher and you can often find them in the library. Kids at Amesbury have maths at school and kids like it so much. The best thing is that Jackson comes in the hub and looks around for places to hide! 

Amesbury School is fun because you learn good stuff like chess and mathletics and reading.
The library is fun because you read books and play games and you take the books home. It has colourful furniture. 
Amesbury School is awesome because it's good to learn.
Jade M

Amesbury School is fun because the hubs are colourful and it's on Amesbury Drive. 
The teachers are funny and good because they teach you how to learn. They give you a break.
The library is the best place to be because you get to read and read. 
Amesbury School is the best place to be. 

Amesbury School is fun because you get to drink milk. 
The library has books you can read and there are games you can play. You get to go at lunchtime!
Uniform shirts are green and gold and blue and red and stripes. 
At school we have an awesome library. It is a great school because there is a playground, there are two playgrounds. 
You'll love it and Amesbury is awesome. 

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Want to know more about our electives?

Are 'electives' a bit of a mystery for you? Do you want to know more about them? Well, wonder no more! In Koru Hub we have been writing reports about a range of topics, and some of us have recently written reports about our electives.

Here is a small selection of reports about some different electives; hopefully they will help you to understand a little more about them.

Rubber Band Powered Car Elective

Making a rubber band car is on Mondays and to make it you need wood, wheels and an empty bottle. You put the pieces together and it's fun because we can build a rubber band car to race with my friends. 
You learn to build a rubber band car and follow instructions. 
It's fun with Demelza because it's cool and we might practice new skills. 
Max C

My elective is making a rubber band powered car but straight away the teacher doesn’t make it for you, you’ll have to make it. Clinton cuts the wood. We make the wood rough, we stick it, we build it, we paint it and last of all we take it home.
Although Clinton cuts the wood he doesn’t stick the pieces together remember that, we do this. We build and hammer as well. We learn building with a hammer and wood.
How we learn building: We do this as the teacher gives us instructions and a page as we do them we get a little bit of help but then we know how to do it. We hammer, we do hot glueing, we paint and we build.
What I find interesting is the instructions - the instructions give us help because we draw the car then we build it. My favourite part of my elective is building the car.

Innovative Engineers Elective

The making things elective is fun because we get to make things. We get to make a hill and a bridge and it's fun to do. It makes me happy because I like making things. 

You need string and paper and scissors. It is fun because I like making things, and making things is good to do. People help kids to make things. 
Emily G

Weaving Elective

The weaving elective is fun because you can make a pompom. You do it on Monday with Anna-Maria in Te Rito. 
You have to draw a circle and then you put the wool around the cardboard and then you cut the wool and then you take the cardboard off the pompom. You can't draw on the wool. 
It's fun to make a pompom because they are fluffy. The weaving elective is fun because you can make a pompom. 

Little Gardens Elective

Little Gardens elective is fun because you get to make gardens and it is only on Mondays. You get to watch the seeds turn into flowers and don't put too much water on otherwise they will die. 
The planting elective is exciting.
Jaden F

Games Around the World Elective

Every Monday students have electives and this term some students are doing games from around the world. It helps us learn different games from every countries like China. We learnt how to play snakes and if they tag someone they are in and the last one left is the winner. Have you played handball?  How you play is that you must practice your pushing. The best thing is that there's lots of winners because they practice sometimes. 


Chess Elective

Urs does the chess elective. You learn how to play chess and be the characters like the King and the Queen, they are the special characters! We have to keep them safe. 
It's awesome and interesting. Why, because you learn how to play chess. 

Bike Maintenance Elective

My elective is biking and we break bikes, fix bikes and ride bikes.If your bike has something wrong, you can fix it. We also get to ride bikes or chose bigger bikes you can have. I am learning to fix bikes so if my bike is broken I can fix it and if there is no oil I can spray it on.

Fixing a bike is hard and you need lots of tools. The interesting thing about my bike elective is you get to ride a bike, take a part a bike and fix a bike. My favourite thing about the bike elective is riding bikes.

An elective is where you do fun things. My elective is destroying bikes and fixing bikes. Although we fix bikes we ride bikes as well.
You have to choose something on your chromebook. You have a second choice because if your other choice does not work you can do your second choice.
Although my elective is hard I have to do it. I am learning about different parts of the bike. There are three bikes, the second bike’s wheel came off and Derek helped us to put the wheel back on. Some people ripped the seat but good thing Derek already told us to put tape on it. I like fixing bikes this is a good elective.

Maker Space Elective

My elective is an Art elective because it is full of wonderful stuff like building and craft. An elective is a thing that is fun and creative. We get to choose lots of stuff like our elective. Also we have our own choice. In my work I get to learn to make people, and lucky last how to make a house. In my elective I get to watch videos at the start!!! My elective is funny.

 Next week we will add some more elective reports, along with some reports about Amesbury School. Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

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Amesbury School Production Term 2 2017


Love shows that make you think? Ever wondered what it's like to be a student at Amesbury? Intrigued about who Agent C is? Well wonder no more...come along to our Term 2 school production!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Do you and your family like board games?


Wellycon 2017 is being held in Wellington over Queen's Birthday weekend - head along for some gaming fun!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Bike Track Open!


The safety fence is gone and we are so pleased to be opening the 500m perimeter track and skills track for all those eager bike enthusiasts...

Friday, 5 May 2017

Swimming Sports


Here are some photos of the Te Rito and Koru Hub students having fun at the pool on Thursday...