Sunday, 29 April 2012

World Cafe Maths

This week we have starting using the world cafe approach for our maths learning.

 So we set up the hub like a cafe with cafe style number markers...

Then in groups of 4 we try to figure out math questions (this week we looked at algebra).  Once we have figured out our answer one of us stays at the table and the rest of us leave to share our strategies with the other groups.  The person remaining at the table gets new information from their 'new' table mates. 

Table two figuring out their strategy

The questions start off easy and then get more difficult.  It's a great way for us to spread information and strategies around the hub quickly and everyone gets a chance to speak in a non-threatening environment. It's also a cool way to get our brains energized in the morning.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Welcome Back!

Hi Team! 

Welcome to Term Two! Wooooooo!

 We hope you have rested up, because this term is a busy one - we have the official school opening (featuring the Minister of Education), the unveiling of some special artwork, cross country championships, the hall's opening ceremony (featuring the Mayor of Wellington), and student-teacher-parent conferences.... Phew!

 Get ready for an action packed term full of amazing learning and good times!

 From your friendly teaching team - Matt, Tara and Urs 

 P.S, "Winter is Coming" -- I'm sure we'll all soon be thankful for the underfloor heating!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter

Just a quick message from Matt, Tara, and Urs...

It's been a bit of a journey this last term for you guys as well as us teachers. Thanks for being amazing and transitioning to life at Amesbury School smoothly. We hope you really love learning here, because we love it and we love learning alongside you.

Have a wonderful holiday! Do some cool things, make some new friends and stay up too late!

Catch you back here in two weeks.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Amesbury School’s BIG Soccer Tournament!

We Played 8 games and we did SO WELL!! We lost 6 games,drew 2 and we won 1 we did pretty well and I think we came forth or somewhere like that anyway and we had so much fun. I don’t think any of us remembered about school until we were on our way back then we all [well in Hannah’s car] we all wanted to go the long way so we would get back to school and then go home. After all we had a spectacular time and we can’t wait until our next big soccer tournament when hopefully Matt can come with us and watch us play.

Hannah and Emma
Written by Rosa!

School Tour Group Trip

On Monday the School Tour Group (aka James, Max, Jasmine, Sharvi) travelled into Wellington. It was a sunny beautiful day, and excitement was running high. First off was Te Papa where we took a guided tour to learn about what effective tours look and sound like. Next, after a quick stop off at the cafeteria we made our way to the head office of Ambulance NZ to have a board meeting with Max's Dad, David Waters. We had a productive meeting with lots of excellent questions and wonderful ideas being shared. David was kind enough to put on Subway for lunch too! At 12 o'clock, a squadron of stunt planes did a show over the Wellington harbour - we had an awesome view! We went home tired, but brimming with new ideas and inspirations.