Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Navigating the Stars

Thank you to all the wonderful parents and other drivers who took us to our hub trip to Newlands! I would personally like to thank Kate who was an amazing Navigator using a modern tool (my iPhone).

When we got there we learned how to Navigate using a less modern tool (the stars). The star lab teachers taught us Maori names for stars and how to use them to Navigate our way to Matariki.

Listening to the Te Papa educator

For example, the red star that rises before Matariki is called Putatara. Putatara lets everyone know that Matariki is on its way.  Putatara is also a traditional Maori musical instrument that lets everyone know when there is a significant event.

Source: http://rilm.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/putatara.jpg

We crawled into the Star Lab where we saw the stars.  It was very dark and we had to be extra quiet so that we could hear about how to find Matariki.

We reflected on what we learned and wrote it on some stars.  These stars will be woven into a big Kete and be shown at TePapa.

Then we moved onto the next activity which required much perseverance.  We learned how to weave stars out of harakeke!

It was then time to show our appreciation by singing a waiata to the Te Papa teachers.  Well done to Amber for leading this!   We got back into our lovely helper's cars and navigated our way back to school.  Thanks again to all of those who helped out!

A Harakeke Star!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Amesbury Ferns

Our very own Amesbury netball team, the Amesbury Ferns, had their first game this weekend against the West Park Stallions. The Ferns won 8-7, fantastic!
Here are some photos of the team and the celebrations on Saturday evening. Well done, girls :-)

Harakeke Happenings in Term 2

We have been a busy hub so far this term! We have been focusing on:

*Art - completing portraits either in Picasso style or using foreshortening (optical illusion making some parts of our body look closer than others)
*Performance - for our official school opening all students took part in at least one performance, with most students being involved in several, including street dance, guitar, tuned percussion, Chinese dance, World Cafe maths, library activities, singing and many more! We also performed a wide variety of items for our school concert after the official opening.
*Creative electives - choosing from a range of activities such as creating dioramas and print making
*Language learning: Te Reo Maori and Mandarin
*Developing our understanding and performance of our powhiri ceremony
*Maths and literacy learning
*Music - tuned percussion, singing
*Learning conferences: all students spent between 30-45 minutes with one of the Harakeke teachers talking through their three matrices (maths, reading, writing). This discussion then led to the creation of a personal learning treaty (PLT) for each student, including a series of goals chosen by the student, using their matrices to identify their next learning steps. Students then talked through the matrices and their PLT with their parent/s, and these documents have been shared with students and parents so that they can be continually viewed and updated.

Now that our art unveiling and school opening ceremonies are behind us we can move into the more settled part of our term. The learning conferences and creation of PLTs have been extremely useful in helping to inform our planning for the rest of this term.

Focus areas for Weeks 5-10:
*Maths: Specific skills based work through workshops, Snappers and World Cafe Maths. For information on World Cafe Maths please scroll down further on this blog to find an explanation of it. Snapper maths involves short videos we are creating to explain specific skills. To view Snappers we have created thus far please see the ‘Snapper’ link at the top of this blog. Our Snappers will not only be about maths skills, they will be created for all learning areas. We have just begun to create them, so there are only a few to begin with...watch this space! Maths will be personalised for all students with workshops, activities and snappers developed for groups of students needing specific instruction or skill development. We are currently spending time showing the students how to use their maths matrix and PLT to identify their next learning steps and then choose particular activities/websites/materials/textbooks to achieve their learning goal.
Specific maths areas we will be focusing on: fractions, division and multiplication skills and strategies, problem posing and solving.
Below is a collage of Snapper maths work:

*Literacy: Matariki module - students are reading and analysing books and information about Matariki (Maori New Year). They share their learning in a variety of ways, including retelling the story orally and in written form. Students will then be researching a range of Maori legends explaining Matariki and presenting their learning in a variety of forms, culminating in a Harakeke video telling the story of Matariki, along with a range of legends. They will then be exploring and researching explanations of the Matariki stars from other countries and cultures.
We are also developing our narrative writing skills, including giving and receiving feedback from peers. Students are practicing using their reading and writing matrices and their PLTs to ascertain the particular skills they need to focus on when reading and writing. Creative writing is also an ongoing task for all students.

*Inquiry: Students are continuing with their inquiries from last term (such as creating lunch orders made for students by students, exploring 1-1 devices at school and ordering senior literacy resources). These inquiries will be completed by the end of Week 6, with proposals, where necessary, written and presented, and actions taken across the school.
For Weeks 7-10 a variety of different inquiry work will then begin, including beginning a travel plan for the school (a group of students investigating how students travel to school, exploring how environmentally friendly our travel habits are to/from school and looking at any actions we can take to increase sustainable and environmentally friendly travel) and exploring our school and its features.

Food tech: Amaria Picard will begin working with our school lunches inquiry group to start creating school lunches prepared and cooked by students one day a week. This module will include planning, costing, purchasing, storing and cooking the lunches. Amaria will work with this group for 5 weeks, and then she will start the same module with another group of students. All Yr 4-6 students will complete this food tech module with her by the end of the year.

*Active learners: We will continue to focus on students becoming active, self-directed learners through developing their understanding and use of their matrices and PLTs to inform their learning choices. All students will be directed to continually access and use their matrices to ensure their focus is on their next learning steps in reading, writing and maths. Every Friday students spend an hour reflecting on their learning, reviewing their PLT goals and identifying what they have done to achieve their learning goals. They are also asked to inform teachers of the workshops, Snappers or 1-1 guidance they now need to achieve their learning goals.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Radical Writing Places

Today, Harakeke Hub spent some time finishing up our retells of the Matariki story we read this week, and our narratives. We spent a little bit of time getting our environment ready so that it would enhance our creativity, concentration, and collaboration.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Hatchet - The Lost Chapters

Hi guys!

I realised the other day that we never finished reading Hatchet! I guess we got caught up in all the excitement with the official opening (aka, The Madness!).

I'm going to record the last few chapters and upload them to our Harakeke Hub Soundcloud account and embed them on our website. You will be given time during Must Do / Can Do time to listen to these, or you can listen to them any time you fancy.

Enjoy the exciting conclusion to this epic story, and stay tuned for more chapters coming soon!

Friday, 11 May 2012

When we are called to help our friends in need....

Check us out singing "Count On Me" at the official opening!

How do you think the day went? 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Understanding Autism

Here is a great clip from the BBC created to help people understand more about autism. We will be sharing this with the students in Harakeke this week and we think it will generate some great discussions about what autism is  and why it's good for everyone to understand more about it.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Tasty Terrific Toasties

Thank-you all so much for your support of our tasty terrific toastie day!

It was cold outside and the toasties warmed up our tummies!

It was great to see such a variety of fillings coming into the hub ranging from chicken .... to eggs!

Check out the pics of our creative cooks!

And kids - you can practice our waiata while you watch!

What do you think you will have in your next toastie?

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Harakeke's Tasty Terrific Toasties!

Dear parents or caregivers,

On Thursday Harakeke Hub are going to have toasties for lunch!

 Please don't pack lunch for your child tomorrow (but take morning tea!) Here's what you need to pack:

2 slices of any kind of bread, cheese, tomato, ham .... or any other ingredients your child may want in their toastie! Be as experimental as you want!

 Some other ideas for toasties include:

Banana and cinnamon
Bacon and egg
BBQ sauce and cheese
Mashed potato and cheese and egg
Canned chicken and pineapple

Please secure your pre-sliced ingredients in containers that can be sealed - it's probably not a good idea to bring cans.

Yours sincerely,

Harakeke Hub.