Thursday, 28 June 2012

Un-boxing the New A/V Gear

In the media crew there are Tais, Madi, Anaiya, Yoshi, Adam.

In the media inquiry, we were learning how to make news shows and broadcasts. We needed to get some more equipment because the sound wasn’t good enough and it was hard to hold the ipads and film at the same time. The ipad cameras were too small so we couldn’t all fit sometimes.

Finally it arrived we were so excited all of the media crew including me were jumping around in circles (mostly the girls). We were sad because Adam did not get to join in the fun. We had all enjoyed opening the boxes and we saved the big boy to last (awesomely big camera).

We got....
x2 flexy tripods (Gorillapod Magnetic Tripod)
x1 microphone. (Rode Shotgun Mic)
x1 furry microphone cover (Rode Windshield Cover)
x1 tripod (Manfrotto Tripod and Head)
x2 bloggies (Sony Bloggie HD Snap Cam)
x1 awesomely huge camera (Canon AX10 HD Pro Camcorder)
x6 memory cards (Sandisk 8gb)

Now we can make cool and exciting news shows with all the new gear.

By Tais, Yoshi, Madi and Anaiya.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 9 & 10: Phuket

Day 9: On Tuesday we walked to the Dino Mini Golf where we saw lots of life-size models of Dinosaurs. There were waterfalls and a Volcano that erupts and lights up at night. We had lunch there and I had a Ptero Chicken Burger which was yummy. It was really fun at the mini golf as it was quite different to other mini golf places.
In the evening we went to the "Fantasea" cultural show where there were Elephants, Tigers, birds and goats. The Elephants were doing stunts that were amazing like putting their feet on to each others backs in a line. And also, chickens running from side to side on the stage. There were these weird magicians that were doing awesome tricks. There was also a battle going on and this man had to save the Princess from the baddies. It was awesome!!

Day 10: On Wednesday we walked around the local shops around Kata Beach and we had some lovely ice cream Sundaes at the Thai Kitchen restaurant. We had a lazy day around the pool and chilled out.

Days 7 & 8: Phuket

Day 7: On Sunday we had a nother day lasing around the hotel pool. I met a boy called Jimmy who is from Tazmania. He was teaching me how to do flips in the swimming pool. I almost managed to do them.

Day 8: On Monday we did the james Bond Island tour. We took a big boat out to an area with lots of islands, it was amazing to look at. We took a canoe through a really small cave which got smaller and smaller as we went through it. We only just squeezed through but once we did we came out into a secret lagoon in the middle of the island. We also got dropped off at Phang Nga which is known as James Bond Island from the movie "Man with the Golden Gun" which was filmed there. it has a very famous rock which is narrow at the bottom and wider at the top (see photo below). There are steps carved into the rocks so we did some exploring around the island. We ate lunch on the boat before being dropped off at another island where we played on the beach and explored some rocks and caves. I was tired on the boat journey back to Phuket as it was a busy but really cool day.

I've also uploaded a photo of the hotel pool which I took from our room:

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Days 5 & 6: Phuket Adventures

Day 5: Phuket Island tour - On Friday we went on a city / island tour, Dad was unwell so Mum and I went on the tour. On the tour we got to choose what to do so we did Elephant trekking and a Monkey Show. The Monkey show was very clever because they did pole dancing, going on to bikes and doing stunts. We did Elephant trekking and it was scary.  I sat on the Elephants neck and the elephant was stood near a big drop where it was eating. We also drove to a Cashew nut factory and we bought two packs, very yummy.

Day 6: On Saturday we went on an adventure to Phi Phi Islands. It took the whole day to do the tour. First we went to a lagoon where it was deep so I had to wear a life jacket. Everybody had to swim as it was deep. Then we went to the famous Maya Beach where they made the movie called "The Beach". It was very busy with lots of other people visiting it that day so it didn't look as nice as the movie. We then went to Monkey beach and the speedboat guide fed them fruit from the boat and they came down from the trees and sat at the front eating. We were not allowed to feed them ourselves in case we got scratched and injured or infected. Then we went snorkelling at a coral reef and saw lots of small fish and I manged to touch one too. There was also a weird black spikey urchin with white eyes. We then had lunch on a quiet beach and went exploring. Me and Dad went into the sea and I found some coral and we caught some hermit crabs and watched them racing with their shells on their back. it was a long,tiring but really exciting day!

Check us out subtracting teens by splitting numbers

Monday, 18 June 2012

Days 3 & 4: Bangkok to Phuket

Day 3: Today we left Bangkok and flew to Phuket. The flight was just over one hour and as we came in to land we saw lots of amazing little islands. We are staying at the Kata Beach Resort Hotel. Our room looks out over the main swimming pool and onto the beach.

Day 4: The next day was a lazy day, we had a nice buffet breakfast of fruit, rice and cakes. I spent a lot of time in the pool where I met some boys and I ended up playing with them which was great.

P.S. Dad has added a couple of photos, the first is me touching the gold at the Grand Palace and the second is from our trip to the floating market, both mentioned in the previous blog.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Buddy Reading

Last week Harakeke joined up with Koru Hub to take part in buddy reading.
This idea was the brainchild of Max, who proposed buddy reading with Koru hub in his weekly reflections. Max felt that buddy reading would allow students the chance to improve their expression and fluency when reading aloud to an authentic audience. It would also be a great opportunity to get to know other students in the school.
The sessions have been so successful that we are continuing with them every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each session runs for about 15 minutes after lunch. Harakeke students all take a picture book to read to a younger student, and Koru students all bring their reading book or a similar book to share. All children get a chance to read aloud and discuss their books in pairs or groups of three.
It is heart warming to see the students read and talk about their books with such enthusiasm and expression. Fantastic idea, Max!

Check out our slideshow of images from buddy reading last week.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Adam's Trip Days 1 and 2: Bangkok

We had a long flight to Thailand, it was very hot when we arrived  and it was 35 degrees. We went to the Grand palace it was another very hot day. I actually touched gold on a lot of buildings. I saw a lot of gold there. i saw lots of guards there and they weren't smiling at all. We went inside one of the big temples that people were praying in. We got a taxi and went to the MBK which stands for MahBoonKrung and it is a very large shopping mall, we saw hundreds of shops.

The next day we woke up very early to go to the world famous Damneon Saduak floating market. We got there in a long tail boat. We visited a lot of stalls and I was good at bartering. It was awesome because we liked the shops because they were different. We got dropped back at the Siam Paragon which is a very fancy mall. We were going to look for a food place but went to a special ice-cream place where we had special chocolate ice-cream. Then we got to go to the Siam Ocean World where I saw lots of fish, sharks and jelly fish. It also had a small jungle bit with poison frogs and spiders.We took the sky train back to our hotel. We then went on a dinner cruise down the Chao Phraya River. Phew, that was a long day!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Roaring Success at Raroa

Today the Year 6 girls spent the day at Raroa Intermediate getting a feel for what life is like at an intermediate school. They rotated around a range of different activities such as hard materials (making a spatula), soft materials (creating a stitched and bound book), food tech (making nachos and milo), performing arts (playing the ukulele) and visual arts (snake images using patterns, crayons and dye).
The girls had an awesome time and were super ambassadors for Amesbury School. Big thanks to John Murrihy for yet again giving up his time and cheerily driving us to and from the school.
Check out the pictures below of the girls making nachos, focusing on visual art and chilling in the quad in the sunshine:

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Adam Reporting In

Can't believe it's time to head off to Thailand already! It is going to be really hot there and we will be visiting a big city called Bangkok and an island called Phuket which has really good beaches and reefs for snorkelling. I've put up a picture to show what some of it will be like and I will log on and tell you more when I get there. See you in two weeks, Adam.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Travel Plan Trip

Earlier today our travel plan inquiry group met with Emma Hope from Wellington City Council at the WCC offices in the city centre. They were interested in finding out more about how we could create a travel plan for Amesbury School and why we might need to do this.
A travel plan looks at how students travel to school and reasons behind their choices. The main focus is whether our school travel choices are environmentally sound, sustainable, affordable and healthy.
The group came away from the meeting with lots of exciting ideas about how to begin their plan, which will start with a survey of Amesbury School Community families about how they travel to school. The group has lots of exciting work ahead of them. Watch this space for information and surveys to come!

Here is the intrepid group at the bus stop!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Reading Circles

We started our Reading Circles today - they are also known as literature circles, book groups or book clubs. 

  • Reading circles are small, peer-led reading discussion groups.
  • They are particularly useful for improving reading comprehension and relate directly to the ‘respond to texts’ and ‘think critically about texts’ aspects of the curriculum.
  • They combine collaborative learning, inquiry, independent reading
  • They include explicit teaching of reading and social skills.
  • They include informal group discussions and a variety of ways of responding to text.

Here are some snaps from our Reading Circles time today: