Tuesday, 24 July 2012

PSW Netball

17 Harakeke students represented Amesbury School today at the PSW netball competition, and did us proud!
They competed in the Yr 5 and 6 level and had a fantastic day. According to our sources at the event they worked hard and steadily improved through the day. Their teamwork also increased as they moved through the day and were working really well together by the end.
They arrived back at school at the very end of the day today, so we still need to assimilate all the information and results on their games, but they can certainly be proud of how they represented Amesbury. Well done guys!
Below is a picture of one of the teams, the Amesbury Kiwis. We will post more pictures and details as we get them.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Week 3 Lubbock Texas

Today we went to Main Event (Main Event is a place were there is bowling,laser tag and tons of arcade games) It was so much fun.I versed my cousin in air hockey and we were hitting the puck too hard and it flew off the table!!!The next day we went to go see Ted at the drive in movie it was awesome. Drive in movies always start at 9:30pm and they are outside.After that we came home at about 11:00pm and had a huge sleep in the next morning.That day we had to drop my Aunt and my cousin off at the airport to go back to Houston, it was so sad.The next day was just a relaxing day.I talked to my penpal on skype for the first time and we ended up talking for 2 hours!! After that we went to my Uncles house and celebrated my Cousins birthday. For dinner we had the best lasagna and for desert we had chocolate cheesecake.I woke up the next morning and the doorbell rang it was my Uncle with a huge box of donuts! I was going to give them to the class but they wouldn't let me take them though customs so I had to eat them all myself!!! (Just Joking!) I've put in some attachments of a pumpjack which pumps oil out of the ground,a bronze statue of the famous Texas Longhorn cattle ,and a picture of the donuts to make you feel hungry !
                                I've really enjoyed texas. thanks for reading my blog!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Live Cooking Show at the Term 2 Learning Celebration

Here is a clip of Grace, Amber, Rosa, and Ethan and their wonderful live pizza making show. I can see some buddy young Jamie Olivers in the works! Pukka Tukka! Thanks to Hannah as well who couldn't make it, but helped us out setting it up.

The pizza received some wonderful feedback from the parents and family members in the audience, with comments such as "Wonderful", "Fantastic", "Amazing" and "Mmmmmmmmm"

Pro tip: Watch the video in HD - select 720pHD from the cog button on the bottom menu.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lubbock Texas 1st week

My cousin and Aunt are here from Houston were having so much fun.A couple of day's ago we went on an art walk i'ts always on the first friday of the month.On the artwalk you get to go to the Buddy holly center (Buddy holly's a famous singer who was born in Lubbock but died in a plane crash.)We got to see lot's of diffrent types of art from pottery to sculpture to art and video.The next day we went shopping "WOW" the stores are cool here!! with lots of choice. It is hard getting used to the heat. Everyday it gets to between 38-40 degrees.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 5&6 Lubbock-Texas

Day 5-Today we had to get up really early. And go to las vegas to catch our flight to Lubbock texas.We had an amazing experience in Springdale Utar and Zion was the most amazing place i've ever been to.It was a 2 hour drive to Las vegas and a 2 hour plane ride to Lubbock finally we arrived and Grandaddy was holding a sign that said welcome to the ranch! I love my family so much i nearly started crying when i got there!

Day 6-Today is the 4th of july.We got up and went to the 4th of july parade.It was so cool.The parade had cowboys on horses,people dressed as giant hotdogs! there was about everything you could imagine.After that we went to see a really funny movie called moonrise kingdom i would reccomend it but it's PG-13.Then we went to go see the 4th of july fireworks they were AWESOME!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 3&4 Springdale Utah

Day 3-Today I went on a hike (thats what american's say) with my Mom and brother while my Dad went on a much scarier hike it was much longer and had huge drops offs.Zion national park is a valley that has been carved out by a river and has sandstone cliff's up to 3,000 feet high (1,000 meters) It use to be earth's biggest sand dune desert million's of years ago.Its still very dry and very hot here.Its hotter than a apple pie that just came out of the oven!After the hike me and my brother Jack went and got an ice cream sandwich it was YUMMY! Than we went and chillaxed at the pool.

Day 4-Today was a relaxing day.We went  by this gem, rock and stone store.I decied i'll collect gem's rock's shells and stones after that! Then me and my brother Jack got shaved ice it was amazing but my brother got chocolate shaved ice (who in the right mind would get chocolate shaved ice!!)After that we went to the local gallery and looked at these wind sculptures.They were so pretty!    

Monday, 2 July 2012

Days 1&2 Springdale-Utah

Day 1-It was a long plane trip to Los Angeles and another short plane ride to Las Vegas.After that we still had a long car trip to get to Springdale Utah.I went to four U.S states in one day.The states were California,Nevada,Arizona and Utah. I was very tired when i arrived.

Day 2-Today was our first full day in Utah.We went on a couple of walks in Zion national park. Zion is the most beatiful and unique parks i've ever been to.When we got back from Zion we went to the market and got a popsicle it was discusting!We got back to our hotel and put on our swimsuits and went to the pool.Then me my dad and my brother Jack went to go on a walk. Then we went to dinner at a restaurant called the flying monkey!!!After that we came home had a swim in the pool and went to bed.