Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Life - by Ruby


Life reminds me of a book.
It's just so interesting and there's so many pages just waiting to be read.
Sometimes it's sad and sometimes it's happy
but you always have to remember there's always an ending to a book.
Whether it's happy or sad
you always start another one.

Monday, 27 August 2012

The Intruder - By Amber

Imagine spending two years looking at this same view. Write an argument stating the most important things you miss back on Earth.

Amber's Argument

Imagine being an astronaut and exploring the space and intergalactic things while floating around beside stars and planets. Sounds cool right? Well it’s not! I miss earth and what I mostly miss on earth is lots of things. Number 1 would be fresh, fresh air, number 2 would be friends and family, and number 3 would be fun.

I miss oxygen because of a lot of things. Well I for one HATE wearing a giant helmet just to go out to this dull, colourless, rocky place known as the moon. Another reason is because you don’t have to breath the same gross air for a long time. You can breath fresh, clean air.

Of course friends and family are important, they’re the ones that actually understand you! Imagine a life with everyone thinking you’re wierd and crazy and having no one to tell how you’re feeling. On earth, they're the ones! They are also the ones that believe you can do anything, and make you feel not like rubbish.

Fun is so important, that without fun, you can’t live a life worth having! What do you think makes you happy, excited and cheerful? What makes you successful with a awesome job? What makes people love their life? It’s fun! (unless you’re happy being bored for the rest of your life)

So, please be generous and bring us an oxygen tank, money, so we can pay for our friends to explore with us, and something we will love up here in space. Thank you!

Your Sincerely,
The astronauts serving your country!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Great Mandarin Link

Here is a great link to help with learning Mandarin. May be good for parents and families trying to keep up with the Mandarin we are learning at school! This would make a good activity for home learning, to help consolidate and practice Mandarin learning from school.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Time for Pizza Clocks

A few weeks ago, we finished up our mathematics module on time. To celebrate all our awesome learning (and to practise our analogue clock reading skills) some of us made pizza clocks. They were yum!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

What's On Top With Our Learning

Kia ora!
We are now half way through Term 3. Phew, time flies! Here is a quick update on the learning we are engaged in at the moment:

Maths: We have just completed a module on measurement (using mm, cm, m, km to measure length and distance, some groups also looked at measuring area and perimeter) and time (analogue and digital time, some groups also looked at 24 hour time and using timetables). We are now exploring shape: 2-D and 3-D shape, using mathematical language (edges, faces, vertices), using, identifying and creating nets for 3-D shapes. Here is a great link to NZ Maths if you would like to explore some activities around shape at home. Here is another link to BBC activities to help with home learning linked to shape. Our maths matrices have been updated to show the learning we have completed in these areas.

Writing: We have been completing persuasive writing, arguing about who our favourite characters are in our reading circle novels. We have been including introductions, conclusions and three reasons about why our characters are great, using evidence from the text to justify our opinions. You can read some of our arguments on our Harakeke Authors blog. We will now be transferring the learning we have done around creating effective arguments to other persuasive pieces of writing. Some of us are learning to show other points of view in our persuasive writing. In our information literacy workshops with Carolyn we have been learning about how our library works and we are now writing explanations to share our learning with others.

Inquiry: We have been in vertically grouped inquiry groups this term (students from Yr 1-Yr 6 in each group). All groups are exploring different features of our amazing school, such as effective design of learning spaces, the science behind some of the features of our school or the surrounding area around our school. We all got to choose the area we would like to find out more about. Now we are creating workshops or learning activities for other students so that they can share our learning.

Phew, a busy term so far! Watch this space and we will keep you updated about our learning.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Travel Plan Inquiry Update

We are the travel plan inquiry group. We are the group whose job it is to make coming to school safer and more environmentally friendly. So far we have met up and had a meeting with people from the Wellington City Council and the Wellington Regional Council. Emma was at the Wellington City Council and talked to us about the questions we might ask for the parent survey. Sam was at Wellington Regional Council and she showed us some survey software to use and how to create our own travel plan survey.

In our learning process we are at the problem posing stage which means we are still asking questions and finding out information so that we know what the problems are. Once we know what the problems are we will move into the problem space and think of ways to solve the problems.

When we had finished our research finding out how students travel to school (we all kept travel charts for one week), the results we got were shocking. 54% of Harakeke Hub students travel to school in the car! That's over half! If you think that's shocking then listen to this, nearly 3/4 of Koru Hub come in the car as well! Our school is an environmentally friendly school and travelling in the car is not good for the environment. Our school zone is small so most students live very close by. We need to come up with ways to get kids to travel to school in more environmentally friendly and healthy ways. So please if you can, scooter,skate,cycle or walk to school and if you are in Koru and you have a big sister or brother you could walk with them.

Our next step is send out our parent survey. (Please fill this in when it comes to you!) Then we will think of ways to encourage kids to come to school in a healthy way.
Written by Kiera and Caitlyn

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Summer Paradise Ukulele Chords

Hi guys!

If you're into jamming out on the uke, check out these chords for Summer Paradise!

Practise a little, then bring along a uke to the next hub time.