Sunday, 21 October 2012

Learning Update

It's been a busy and exciting start to the last term of the year. Here is an update on the learning we are completing in Harakeke over the first few weeks of the term.

Inquiry: We are continuing with the inquiry we began at the end of the last term: cultures around the world. We are exploring different cultures through concepts. Last week we looked at art in several different cultures, and how art can tell us stories and information about how people lived/continue to live. This week we will be exploring food around the world and how this tells us about how people live and where they come from. Over the next couple of weeks we will also explore story telling, music and dance around the world. The students will then get the chance to explore one concept in more depth, finding out more about different cultures through this medium.
Literacy: A lot of our reading and writing is happening through our inquiry learning as students research, learn and share about different cultures. This week they will be researching different recipes from around the world and writing up their own recipe and menu for our Masterchef Culture Challenge.
We are also focusing on different forms of punctuation within our literacy snappers. Students will be identifying their next learning areas in punctuation and they will then attend the appropriate workshops to help them make progress with their next steps.
Maths: In our workshops our current focus is algebra - identifying, making and continuing patterns and identifying and following rules of patterns. In our problem posing and cafe maths we are focusing on place value: understanding the value of different digits in numbers, knowing how many 10s, 100s, 1000s and 10,000s are in numbers, knowing how to multiply numbers by 10, 100, 1000 etc.
Ignite (Yr 4-6): Students are continuing to work on their Ignite project, either individually or in small groups. They are exploring a personal passion or area of interest in a way that creates a positive outcome for the community, either local or global. You can help by talking with your child/ren about how their Ignite project is progressing, what they are currently working on and finding out if there are any ways in which you can help them. We are encouraging the students to work on their projects at home as well as during school time - it can form a very valuable part of their home learning.
We will keep you updated on our learning focus areas as we move through the term.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Meet the newest member of Harakeke

Congratulations to Jenna and Matt on the birth of their son, Charlie, on Sunday night. Both Charlie and Jenna are doing well and we can't wait to meet Charlie soon!

Samuel's Gold Coast Adventure

Hi Harakeke hub, Samuel from the Gold Coast.

I am having so much fun in the Gold Coast I have been to two theme parks Dreamworld and Whitewater World. In Dreamworld I went on a Madagascar roller coaster and the shock wave.The shock wave is like a roller coaster that spins round it is SCARY.In Whitewater World I went on an octopus waterslide and lots of smaller water slides called little rippers.

There were lots of animals at Dreamworld like Crocs, Tigers, Turtles and Kangaroos.The Kangaroos are my favourite because you can pat them and feed them.

We went to the beach, at the beach the waves are HUGE, we also made a hole in the sand and the water was not allowed to get in the hole it was extreme . We have been Whale watching it was good I saw a whale jump out of the water it was really AWESOME.

Matthew's South African Adventures - Part 1

After a very, very long and boring flight, we finally made it  to South Africa.  We spent our first night in  Pretoria with my Ouma and Oupa, as we were too tired to fly directly to Cape Town.  We left the next day and arrived in Cape Town.  Cape Town has a famous mountain which looks like a table, it is called Table Mountain.  My Dad took me to the D&P Cricket Bat manufacturer, where Vernon Philander, one of the South African Protea all rounders signed my new cricket bat.

Oupa John took us to the Cheetah Outreach sanctuary.  Cheetahs are endangered, and at the Outreach Program, they are looked after and protected. 

Did you know??

  • Cheetahs can run 120 kilometeres per hour at top speed
  • Cheetahs can accelerate from 0 - 80km in 3 seconds
  • Adult cheetahs have approximately 2000 spots
  • Cheetahs are the fastest land animals
I stroked a cheetah, it felt soft and furry, kind of like a cat but softer.  I was a little worried when I first went into the cheetah enclosure, but Enigma was quite lazy.  Enigma is a 7 year old male cheetah who was bred in captivity.

I have some great photos, but am having trouble loading them.  Perhaps my next update will be more successful.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Learning Celebration / Inquiry Videos

Check out our very own Grace Awesomeness Hilton being awarded Amesbury's very first 'Celebrate' Award. Tino Pai Grace!

What is Amesbury Awesomeness? How are you going to show Amesbury Awesomness in Term 4? Leave a comment below...

Check out Matt, Mike and Demelza's wrap-up inquiry video about the past and future of Churton Park. We had so much fun!

And did you hear the news?