Friday, 30 November 2012

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Are you learning cricket?

Hi, this is my video on cricket please watch it. You will learn how to play cricket. I think you will enjoy it.
Thanks, from Matt

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Harakeke meets Charlie Ives

Today Jenna and Matt brought Charlie into Harakeke hub for the first time so we could all meet him. He was lovely and extremely quiet (we don't believe Matt's stories about all his crying!)
The photo shows just how much Charlie is like his dad - Matt gets that same look when we haven't tidied up enough in the hub!
It was great to meet you, Charlie. Hopefully we will see you and Jenna again soon.

Novotel Menu Art Winners!

Big congratulations to Ruby for winning the Novotel menu art competition. Ruby's illustration about what home means to her will be featured on the back of Novotel's new 'comfort food' menu. Grace won the runner up position and her illustration will also feature on some of the advertising for the new  menu.
Above are two of the judges from Novotel, the head chef, and Pauline from the front of house staff, with the winning illustrations from Ruby and Grace.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Congratulations Luke!

A huge well done to Luke who represented Amesbury School today in high jump at Wellington interzone athletics (place getters from northern, southern, western and eastern zone athletics across Wellington all competing together). He did extremely well and will now be competing in the upcoming regional athletics. Fantastic effort Luke, well done!


Dear Parent/caregivers and children,

Please could you bring some old toys (such as stuffed toys, any small or medium sized toys you are happy to give away) into harakeke hub
for the school gala shooting game on the first of December.
The money will be going to kids cancer if we raise over 150 dollars, if we raise under 150 dollars we will send it to Samoa for them to get books for school library.
The toys and lollies need to be in by the 31st of December.
Please bring them in to Harakeke hub.

Kind regards

Samuel, Kate and Kiera

Monday, 19 November 2012

What does home mean to you?

Novotel, a large hotel in Wellington city centre, is running a competition in Harakeke hub. They are launching  a new 'away from home' comfort food menu and they'd like us to design the illustration for the back of the menu!
So...get your thinking hats on. Philip Hilton (general manager of Novotel, as well as Grace's dad) would like to you what home means to you? We will all be creating our own illustrations of what home means to us on Wednesday, and on Friday Philip and the Harakeke teachers will be judging which illustration will work best on the menu. The entries will all be anonymous so it is completely fair.
The winner will get a fantastic prize from Novotel, as well as having their drawing on the back of every comfort food menu in Novotel.
Wow! Get thinking, get creating!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Next Week In Harakeke...

We've learned, we've created, now it's time to share our learning. Everything from plays, to prop making, soundtrack composing, art, stalls, fashion, dance, music, and entertainment. Lots of authentic reading and writing. The Year 3's are continuing their specialised literacy work with Urs too.

Statistics! Check out this pic of the PPDAC Statistics Cycle guiding us through our investigations.

Also, Problem Posing (multiplication) written by our very own Amber Zhu. Cafe Maths (with a new twist this week - Battle Maths!), Hub Maths and Goal Maths also feature. The Year 3's are also working with Demelza for continued mathematical goodness.

A combination of learning areas. Years 4 - 6 are wrapping up their Passion Based Learning. This is great opportunity to get involved with your child's learning -  ask them how you could help them!

Sports / Fitness:
Daily fitness - focusing on stretching and running. Sports skills focusing on small-ball throwing and catching.

Music, Te Reo, Mandarin, Haka and Poi, Street Dance.

AND get ready for a special whole-school afternoon on Tuesday featuring the one and only Lesley Murrihy (and to a lesser extent, the good old Matt and Mike).

As always, please visit our planning site, and check the What's On? pages to the right for more information.

It's going to be a fun week!

Regards, your friendly neighbourhood Harakeke Hub teachers.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Hey our names are Rosa, Hannah, Amber, Kimberly, Caitlin and Grace and we are the baking group.

We are doing a stall at the gala and we are planing on selling baking.

It would be great if any one would like to donate some baking from home to help us with the sale. The money is going half to our book fundraiser for Samoa and half to the year 5 and 6 camp.

We will accept anything for example, cake, cookies and slices. Please bring the baking on the 31st of November (Friday of Week 6, the day before the gala) in to Harakeke hub.

It would be great if you can help us so we have enough baking to sell on the day

Thanks, from the baking group.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

'Act and Donate' Event by Megan

Hi my name is Megan,

I am a year 6 in Harakeke Hub. I have been doing acting for my Ignite project in Harakeke Hub. Ignite is about taking control of your learning and following your passions.

I am holding an “Act and Donate” event. It is going to be on November the 15th (Thursday - tomorrow!) in the hall. It is at 1:00 till 1:15. It is going to be a one woman show so I will be playing multiple characters without someone else.

The “Act and Donate” is about donating money to the Cancer Society for their cancer research.
It would be great if your child could bring a small gold coin donation to support me and the Cancer Society.

My aim is to raise about $150.00 or anything would be appreciated.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Terrific Toasties Again!

Dear Parents or Caregivers,

Tomorrow Harakeke Hub are going to have toasties for lunch!

 Please don't pack a sandwich or roll for your child/ren tomorrow, but they will need other items such as fruit or crackers.  Here's what you need to pack instead of a sandwich or roll:

2 slices (or more, if you think your child/ren will eat more than one toastie) of any kind of bread, cheese, tomato, ham .... or any other ingredients your child may want in their toastie! Be as experimental as you want!

 Some other ideas for toasties include:

Banana and cinnamon
Bacon and egg
BBQ sauce and cheese
Mashed potato and cheese and egg
Canned chicken and pineapple

Please secure your pre-sliced ingredients in containers that can be sealed - it's probably not a good idea to bring cans.

We will provide margarine and napkins.

Yours sincerely,

Harakeke Hub.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cultural songs at Amesbury!

Hi Parents/Caregivers,

As you know Amesbury School is looking at aspects of different cultures this term. We are pretty excited about it and looking forward to the Cultural Festival we will be having in Week 8.

I would love to teach the kids some songs from the diverse cultural spread we have across our school. So I am calling for any parents who may know a song to come and teach it to us (absolutely no musical experience necessary!). I am at Amesbury every monday.

You may even have a cultural instrument that you would be willing to share with us and perhaps play for us? This would also be fantastic.

If you have either a cultural song or an instrument to share, please could you email me on so we can set up a suitable time.

Kind regards,

Naomi Johnson