Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Harakeke First Day FAQs

What do I bring on the first day?
Bring your school sunhat, lunch, drink bottle, sunscreen. Also bring togs OR old clothes (ones that can get wet) and a towel. We will have "Water World' fun time as a whole school - a rotation of fun water activities in mixed groups. If you have a water gun you can bring that too. Don't forget your towel so you can get dry!

What do I wear on the first day of school?
Please wear school uniform on the first day onwards. Our uniform is: a school polo shirt (any of our four colours), school sun hat (for Terms 1 and 4), plain black pants, shorts or skirt. Please make sure the pants, shorts or skirt have no extra colours, patterns or logos on them, no jeans please. You can wear socks and shoes of any colour, please make sure you have sensible shoes you can run easily and safely in as we do PE or fitness every day. You will need a school fleece for when it is cooler or for trips out of school, but you do not need to wear your fleece to school when it is hot. As it gets cooler you can also wear a plain black long sleeved top or poly prop under your polo shirt.
We will have 'Water World' fun for one block of the first day. This involves lots of different water activities and you will get wet! We ask that you bring togs or old clothes such as shorts and t-shirt or rash vest that you can change into for 'Water World'. You will also need a towel!

What stationery do I need?
You do not need to provide any stationery. The hub will provide all stationery needed. We will charge $25 for stationery for the year to your school accounts, and also $15 for Mathletics for the year. If you have your own pens/pencils/pencil case that you want to bring and keep in your tote tray you are very welcome to do this, but you can also just use hub stationery as well - we will have everything you need.

What class am I in/which adult do my parents contact?
We work as one whole hub, so all students will be working with all four teachers, we do not have separate classes. All students will work in all areas of the hub, including the library. Students are grouped according to their learning levels and needs in different curriculum areas, rather than being grouped according to age. We are a larger hub this year, starting with 72 students, so we will be operating whanau groups. There will be three whanau groups and these groups will be used as social groups or 'home base' groups. The whanau teacher will act as your advocate and will be the person with particular responsibility for your learning and well being (although all teachers will work with you and also monitor your progress). If you or your parents want to talk with a teacher, your whanau teacher is a good first point of contact.

How do I know who my whanau teacher is?
The list of whanau groups has been posted on our blog, so check out the post below to find out your whanau group. We will also go through whanau groups on the first day of school.

Where do I go and where do I put my bag on the first day?
On the first day of school we will meet as a school and powhiri all new students into our school. Between 8:30 and 8:55 please feel free to come into the hub, have a look around and say hi to people. As the bell goes students who are new to the school this year will go out to the car park (families are also welcome to do this too) so we can formally welcome you in. One of the teachers will go with you and explain what will happen. If you were at Amesbury School last year we will all meet in Mawhero when the bell goes (pink carpet area in Harakeke hub) and we will go to the hall together.
As you arrive at school we would like everyone to put their bags neatly at the side on the floor in Kikorangi (area with blue carpet in Harakeke). After the powhiri we will sort out cubbies (where you put your bags and coats) and tote trays for everyone and you can then put your bags into your own cubby.

When can I arrive at school each day?
School opens at 8:30am each day. If you are enrolled in Kelly Club (before school care) you can arrive earlier than this. School finishes at 3pm.

Who is in the hub this year?
There are four teachers: Crisanna Nel, Fiona White, Matt Ives and Urs Cunningham. We start with 73 students: 18 Year 3s, 16 Year 4s, 23 Year 5s and 16 Year 6s.

How do I know what is timetabled for the day?
We have a 'What's On' schedule on our hub blog that lets you all know what is happening in our hub for the week. On the blog look on the left hand side and click on any of the days to show you an overview of the day. It's a good idea to check this out at the start of each day (you can even do this from home!) so you know what's happening. As you arrive at school you can check out the 'What's On' on our touchscreen in Mawhero.

FYI, Your 2013 Whanau Teacher:

Crisanna's Whanau Group:

Joshua A
Gabriel D
Gregory K
Jacob K
Josh N
Emile Q.P
Joshua T-C
Melissini A
Anna S-M
Lucy C
Nistha D
Holly H
Abbie J
Vanessa K
Arnah L
Isabella N
Sayuni P
Chelsey T
Rayhaan A
Jackson C
Ayrton H
Khan L
Christopher M

Fiona's Whanau Group:

Jamie T
Roddy O'C
Ryan M-T
Samuel C
Sharmani D
Hannah D
Bianca S
Maya T
Jessica L
Ella J-R
Carolyn S
Esra N
Tom P
Ryan H
James R-R
Daniel S
Anish H
Aidan W
Melanie K
Emily L
Phoebe R
Kali V.K
Caitlyn W
Nirvanah S
Kimberly Z

Matt's Whanau Group:

Leni E.M
Adam G
Matt N
Emma L
Tais H
Emma D
Sharvi D
Kate A
Aimee P
Samuel H
Germain Q.P
Stanley R
Luke W
Max W
Arman C
Corey Y
Michael D
Ethan D
Karina O'C
Madison T
Mycke V-W
Anaiya B
Jasmine B
Caitlin C
Hannah C

Welcome to 2013!

It's less than a week until school kicks-off for 2013! 

We have lots of new students enrolling, and of course the Year 2's (from 2012) are moving on into Harakeke Hub too.

Here is a little video welcoming you all into the Harakeke whanau (we're a pretty nice bunch, aren't we guys?!)

After you've watched the video, comment on what you're most looking forward to in Term 1, 2013. How are you feeling about heading back to school next week? How were your holidays?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

E noho rā from Tara

Kia Ora dear students and whanau,

I have got a new job and I am very sad to leave Amesbury School. The job is to be an Assistant Principal at the school that my children go to (Pukerua Bay School) so while I am sad to leave it is also a very exciting opportunity for me.

I loved working with you all and getting to meet your families last year. I love that you all embraced the new learning and very much enjoyed learning from you all too.

I do not like saying goodbye because I believe that we all have the opportunity to keep sharing our learning together. If you make a blog or have something you would like to share with me you can email me at taratjschool@gmail.com - I would love to see it!

Take care of yourselves and each other!

Tara TJ x