Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tues writing - KiMEana

It was a busy morning in Harakeke today. Students are working on a variety of writing projects that locate the 'ME' (or themselves) within Kiwiana.

Fiona's group is working on their presentations that describes their culture, ethnicity, heritage and the things that are significant in their lives e.g. family, friends, religion, school, hobbies/interests, pets, sport, celebrations, special things or treasures

Matt is demonstrating how the students' draft writing can be made into a storyboard with background music and voice over.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sign up for Term 4 electives!

Wahoo, it's elective time again!
This term you get a choice of a wide range of activities, some of them link to our inquiry theme of cultures and countries from around the world.
NOTE: Please do not sign up for electives until you have had your learning plan rotation on Monday of Week 1. During this session you will find out more about each elective, which will help you to make effective choices. Look at the electives offered and think of any questions you may want to ask about any of these choices.
Looks like lots of fun!