Friday, 6 December 2013

Year 5/6 Camp Wet Weather Stuff

So the long range forecast isn't looking too flash for the Year 5/6 Camp next week....

We came up with a few things today to keep in mind if indeed the weather is a bit rainy:

  • Raincoats! WATERPROOF!

  • Warm clothes - if you are wet you need extra clothes to change into

  • Plastic bag(S) - big black rubbish bags. Pack your clothes into a rubbish bag, then into your big bag.

  • Gumboots possibly, but they take up a lot of space and are not really practical

  • An EXTRA towel

  • Pegs, to hang up your towels / wet clothes on the guide ropes of the tent

  • We’ll need to take our shoes and coat (wet things) off before we enter the tent

  • We’ll need to keep our bags and things away from the side of the tent if it’s raining outside.

  • Extra point: $1 coins for the shower, not $2.

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