Friday, 14 February 2014

Amaria's Whanau Group

Here are a few pictures from our learning over the two weeks:

We have been learning about the different roles people have in a business:  Owner, accountant, HR, manager, supervisor, marketing and the workforce.

We have formed our businesses (Water Boys & The Flying Five) and we are putting all our ideas together as part of our pitch.  We need to present our pitch on Wednesday afternoon.

We had to write a 'pitch' about who we wanted to  represent us on the 'Establishment Student Council'.  We used words like: I would like to nominate...........This person is really awesome because.........This person will be the best person for our whanau group because.

Josh and Tre were chosen to represent us on the 'Establishment Student Council'.  Some comments were: they listen to people, are good at Art, let people play with them which means they are kind, awesome at listening, confident and works well in a team.  Congratulations boys.

Written by Tre & Amaria

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  1. Congratulations Tre and Josh. I am sure you will do a fantastic job of representing your whanau group. Ka pai!


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