Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Come to our spectacular Churton Park Festival!!

Hi, we are some awesome people from Harakeke Hub. We are writing this blog post to tell you about the festival at Churton Park community centre this Saturday 8th March between 4pm - 7pm. The festival will be held in the car park at New World supermarket.
I suppose you want to know what will be there? Do you want to know what fabulous, fantastic fun you can have there? Well, there will be exciting target games, cold, creamy Mr  Whippy ice cream, superb food from a range of food stalls, sparkling jewellery and wonderful  friendship bracelets! If you want to look extra pretty visit our Glingaboodle stall to have glam nails, colourful hair and amazing face paints.
So, come on down to the Churton Park Festival and have yourself an amazing time with your family and friends. See you there!

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