Thursday, 29 May 2014

Northern Zone Cross Country

It was very chilly but this didn't bother our hearty runners.  I was so proud of them as it was a very tough course and the final stage was a big challenge.  They ran with pride and determination to cross the finishing line.  Congratulations to the eleven children who ran.
The children and I would like to acknowledge and thank John Murrihy for helping with training sessions and transport.

This is what the children had to say:

Splashing through the water hoping not to slip over, pain rushing throughout my whole body feeling like my muscles would give up on me.  Running up the hill trying to escape the thought of giving up.  Thinking about taking a rest but if I did that id lose my position.  But after all the doubt, I was there. (Tom)

I tripped over on the 3rd turn so I lost a lot of places but I made up for it. It was tiring up the hill but I made it up the hill.(Ayrton)

Before the race I was nervous but when the race started I took off. Running up the hill was tiring but I just kept on trying. Afterwards I was exhausted. My highlight of the race was running through the streams and over the bridges. (Hannah)

Splashing and slipping through the last river I felt a sense of relief, that feeling didn't last long……. I was soon running up a steep hill and my legs felt like jelly.  I saw the light at the end of the hill and knew I was almost there.(Emma.L)

Splashing from the last stream and running up the hill.  I slipped and slid down the hill then I heard 100 kids screaming GO GO GO! Then I sprinted up this massive hill and finally I made it. (Sam.G)

When I was running up that horrible steep hill, all I was thinking about was getting that race over and done with. But I liked the rivers that we ran across because it was really refreshing on my feet. (Tais)

It was so exciting once we had lined up ready to hear the HONK then there it was.  I had to slow down just so I would not slip. Running through streams over bridge’s, my feet were soaked.  The hardest part was running up the hill and you could hear John shouting out to carry on.  It was not the easiest run but great fun.(Daniel)

I was standing at the starting line ready to run. I was shaking and just wanted to get it over with. HONK went the honker and we were off.  I ran down the hill stumbling. I got down to the first river and my shoes were very wet. When I came up the hill I heard people screaming my name and shouting ‘SPRINT’!  I got to the end and was so relieved.  (Aimee)

I felt nervous but when I was actually racing it was fun. (Gabriel)

HONK went the horn like a giant train honking.  When we ran there was so much tripping over and when we went through the stream it was so relaxing, it was like a giant swimming pool.  When I came up the hill it was completely horrible! (Jamie)

At the start line we were standing in the cold waiting to go.  I felt nervous because I didn’t want to fall over.  I tripped over in one of the streams and it was freezing but fun.  I enjoyed going down the hill, but not up. (Ryan)

Monday, 26 May 2014

First Speaker @ NYLD

Jamie Fitzgerald - adventurer!
Check out his TV show - First Crossing, TV1 Tuesdays
Some great questions to get us thinking!

NYLD 2014

We have arrived at the Michael Fowler Centre ready for a great day of fun, learning and 3D! Living a 3D life ... more to come! 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

National War Memorial - awesome treat!

A special treat with an army parade at the National War Memorial. The sun is also shining.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Netball Round Up

A bright and sunny morning for netball on Saturday helped the Amesbury All-stars to a superb win over the Crofton Downs Flames.  Pleasant weather for watching too!  The girls started well with some excellent team work, moving the ball quickly from the centre pass and down the court.   Some great defensive work too with lots of intercepts.  Their dominating possession was finished off superbly with some great shooting in the first half taking the All-Stars to a half time lead of 9-1.  The momentum continued into the second half where again the defence was top notch, as was the shooting. They kept the Flames scoreless in the second half and came away with an 18-1 win.  All the girls were moving forward to the ball which was great to see.  Emma Law deservedly took out the Player of the Day title this week for her slick shooting in the first half (seven goals!) and her solid commitment in the mid court during the second half.  Well done team!


The Amesbury Ferns took to the court on Saturday with a thirst for possession of the ball. Each week the Ferns focus on a specific skill and strategy to apply in their competition game. Saturday's game saw them apply their skill and come away with their first win. The girls on attack showed skill in making space to receive a pass and retaining the ball to convert it into a goal. The defenders showed great skill in shutting their opponents down, creating hand overs and changing the direction of play. In particular, player of the day, Jane Hong, came on at half time and had a significant impact on the game at Goal Defence, with her defensive pressure and successful intercepts.


Oliver and the Wellington Phoenix.

On Sunday I played in the Winton Rufer soccer tournament with my soccer team.  It was in Lower Hutt. I got player of the day for my team and so I got to play against three of the Phoenix players.  It was cool because my team and my cousin's team and Amesbury kids were shouting my name, "Oli, Oli, Oli".  I got given a soccer ball that was signed by three of the Phoenix. 

From Oliver.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Clay Sculpture - Living Stories

Today we have been exploring clay sculpture and we looked at some techniques including: coiling, pinching, joining.
Here are some photos of us in action and some of our clay poppy creations.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tournament of Minds: Year 5 and 6 Students

Are you...

  • Dramatic? 
  • Arty? 
  • Great with ICT? 
  • An outside of the box thinker? 
  • Creative? 
  • A problem solver? 
  • A year 5 or 6 student? 

If you said yes to any of the above, then Tournament of Minds might be for you. Even if you didn't say yes to any of the above, Tournament of Minds might still be for you.

Tournament of Minds is a creative, problem solving, dramatic, collaborative, fully student led and completed project. You are given a problem and then asked to present your answer in a dramatic (drama) way in front of judges. Amongst other things, you will be assessed on how creative your answer and presentation are and how well you work together as a team. Collaboration and being a team player are key, as adults are not allowed to help at all.

Think you might be interested? Or you just want to check it out and see what it is all about? Meet in Mawhero on Friday after school. We will provide a light snack, followed by some activities to give you an idea what Tournament of Minds is all about. We will start at 3:15 pm and be finished by 4:15pm.

Just to allow us to plan appropriately, please let Urs or Demelza know whether you are keen to attend.

Training with the Hurricanes!

Yesterday me and my brother went out to Rugby Leauge Park and had a training session with some of the Hurricanes and some of the All Blacks! We went round in a rotation first one was attack and Harry kept scoring tries, he looked pretty happy. The second rotation was high ball catching and I actually caught some which was awesome. For the third rotation the field was set up like a tennis court, the object was to get it over the other side and me and Harry's team won! After that Harry practised his kicks with TJ Perenara! It was a really awesome experience for me and Harry.

Netball season has started.

The Amesbury Ferns had their first match playing together as a new team on Saturday. They did not come away with a win this week, however they enjoyed their game and showed resilience in the face of very strong opposition. Each player displayed excellent footwork and defensive pressure, often intercepting and changing the direction of play. Player of the day went to Kimberley Zhu for her brilliance in the Goal Keep position. Of note was Lucy Chambers’ spectacular goal in the Goal Shoot position, which was taken just inside the goal circle.


The girls in the Amesbury All-Stars were excited to get back into the netball season on Saturday. They were down 9-3 after the first half against St Benedicts but fought back superbly for an even second half and a final result of 11-5. Despite trailing behind on the score board from the beginning of the match the girls never gave up and they showed awesome commitment out on the court. There were plenty of intercepts and some great movement of the ball straight down the court. The All-Stars had moments of brilliance so a good sign for the season ahead!
Player of the Day for week 1 went to Melanie for her great defensive work as well as her resilience and attitude while defending a shooter who was almost double her height!


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Inquiry learning Week 1

In Harakeke Hub this week we started our new inquiry based around Living Stories.
We are exploring Living Stories through the context of World War 1, and then we will be linking some central themes to ourselves and our own lives.
We began our inquiry with some immersion sessions looking at some key WW1 facts and exploring themes such as emotions, perspective and loss.
During our exploration of emotions we identified what emotions were, and some emotions we were aware of. We worked in mixed groups of three to create word clouds. Here is an example of a word cloud one group created of general emotions.

Then we started to explore emotions within the context of WW1. Here are some word clouds that different groups created of emotions that may have been present during WW1. Food for thought.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Yoshiki in touch!

Fantastic news - Yoshiki has been in touch to say hello to us.
He tells us that he is fine and says hello to everyone in Harakeke Hub.
For those of you who don't know Yoshiki, he was in our hub the year that we opened and we loved having him with us. Sadly he left at the end of our first year to head to the Philippines, so it's great to hear from him and know that he is doing well.
If you read this Yoshiki, stay in touch and tell us how you are.