Friday, 15 August 2014

Super Science!

In our science rotation this week, we did an experiment called "Magic Milk" to test surface tension.  First, we poured some milk into a bowl, then we added red, blue and yellow food colouring.  We observed that the food colouring stayed together in a pool.  Next, we dipped a cotton bud into some dishwashing liquid and placed it into the middle of our milk.  We were amazed at what happened!  "Whoooah!" were the cries of excitement.

Our conclusion for the experiment was that the milk had strong surface tension which meant that the food colouring pooled together.  However, when the dishwashing liquid was added, it broke the surface tension which caused all the milk molecules and food colouring molecules to get mixed up.  Look at our amazing results!

Here is the link to the experiment if you would like to try it at home: Magic Milk

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