Sunday, 24 August 2014

Being insiders in our learning

In Harakeke Hub we are working hard to show 'insiderness' in our learning. This means we are 'inside' our own learning; we take responsibility for, and control over, our own learning.
We have four iGroups: Introducing, Initiative, Independent and Insider. Students decide where they think they are currently working, depending on the decisions they are making to help their own learning. They all set goals each week so they can improve their ability to manage their own learning and their time. At the end of each week they reflect on how they have gone with their goal.
Here are some extracts from student reflections to show how we are thinking about our learning:

* The thing I need to improve on is to sign in every morning because this morning I completely forgot to sign in and left to do milk monitoring. I decided to move myself down to initiative. The thing I need to do to move back up to independent is to sign in 5 times in a row.

*My OTJ goal is that every time I do a piece of writing it's my best work. The thing that I have done to work towards this is to try to use everything that I have learned to create my piece of writing; I also try to lure them in with a great intro.

*My goal is to contribute to small group conversations; I have done this by talking more in reading circles. I have achieved my goal this week because I talked as much as I could with out giving a spoiler alert.

As you can see, we are all working hard to know as much as we can about ourselves as learners. This helps us to make good choices that help our learning.

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