Monday, 20 October 2014

Inquiry: Affinity Groups and Hexagonal Thinking

Our Term 4 inquiry is off with a roar and a bang!
We are exploring design thinking in our inquiry around Living Curiously. Last week we spent time observing in the hub, interviewing people and examining different perspectives of life at Amesbury School. We then wrote reports on our findings. This week we are finding areas of school life we might explore further, such as school grounds, our learning, social relationships and our learning environment. We are also forming affinity groups, which are groups of people who are exploring the same areas.
Today we also completed some hexagonal thinking. In our affinity groups we thought of all the different areas we might explore further in our inquiry. We then ranked them in order of importance, and explored different links between the various focus areas we identified.
Our next step will be to consider areas we would like to improve around school, and then create designs and prototypes for items/systems/ideas that will help us with these improvements. On Wednesday we will create some "How might we...?" questions to look at problems we would like to solve around school, such as "How might we create more quiet spaces around our hub where people can get into flow?"
Watch this space for more super ideas to come!
Here are some photos of our hexagonal thinking activity.

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