Monday, 1 December 2014

Day One - Loadsa Fun!

We have had a thrilling first day on camp.
A lovely train ride over to Masterton, followed by a visit to the climbing wall.
We spent half of our time on the challenging climbing wall, going up, down, sideways and sometimes under! We learned to belay for each other, meaning we put a lot of trust in our buddies.
Then came the swing....not just any swing but a HUGE swing taking us right around the whole room. It was high and a great challenge for lots of us. 
Back to camp for dinner - delicious beef stew with rice and yummy brownies.
We have been driven inside by the rain, so we are snuggled up in sleeping bags with a movie. What a day!
Here's hoping for a peaceful night!

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  1. What fun! Hope you challenged yourself!! Great practise for later in the week! Hope the sun is beaming tomorrow :)


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