Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Second day at camp

A fantastic second day at our Masterton camp.
We had four students head off and represent Amesbury at Regional Athletics,  doing very well and feeling good about their efforts. Big thanks to Simon and Bradley for providing transport.
Back at camp we headed off to Mount Holdsworth for our tramp. 12km,  many steps and an epic swing bridge later we all looked like the first photo below.
We looked out for native plants and animals along the way, and enjoyed the peaceful walk (with the odd mud slip thrown in for fun).
Back to camp for hot showers and nachos, then off to Masterton pool for a relaxing swim.
We finished off the day around the camp fire with toasted marshmallows, milo,  songs and jokes.
We figure we'll all sleep well tonight, ready for kayaking tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like an epic day. And what a way to finish it off with sitting round a camp fire with marshmallows, milo and singing. You're making life-long memories, right there all together.


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