Saturday, 31 January 2015

Welcome (Back) to Harakeke!

A big, gigantic hello to new and returning Harakekians alike! You must be itching with excitement and anticipation to get back into the swing of things on Monday. We don't blame you! We've been busy hatching plans and forming deviously epic learning experiences for you, so get ready for an amazing Term One!

Here's what to expect for Week One.

Day One:

Don't be shy! Come on in and say g'day. We'll all be around and about from 8:30am to lend a helping hand for all you new guys. You should have got an email from your new whanau teacher over the weekend - please pop your bags against the wall in these areas:

Lisa's Whanau: Kikorangi Data Projector (KDP)
Matt's Whanau: Kikorangi Shared Space (KSS)
Claire's Whanau: Mawhero Data Projector (MDP)
Anna's Whanau: Library (L)

When the bell rings at 9:00am, we'll all meet in Mawhero for a catch-up. Hopefully 96 kids can all fit! We've got a lot of set-up stuff this day and a formal Powhiri at 2:15pm to welcome our new students and parents.

Day Two:
Check the Harakeke What's On! It's just over there to your left.

Day Three:
Wednesday is our new rotation day. You'll be doing:

2x sports
Enviro Ed

We'll let you know what group you're in on Wednesday.

Day Four:
Check the What's On.

Day Five:
Waitangi day!


We're really looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday - you're all probably so much taller!

From Urs, Matt, Lisa, Claire, and Anna.