Sunday, 15 March 2015

Celebrating Birthdays @ Amesbury

Kia ora koutou,

At Amesbury School we are all about creating a safe and happy community for our learners. As such it is great to see many people looking for ways to celebrate the birthdays of various students in both hubs. However, the number of lollies and sweet treats being given out regularly to celebrate birthdays has increased.

Our structure of working in two large hubs makes this a bigger issue. In a hub of 97 students it is often someone's birthday and lollies and treats are being given out very regularly. We feel that this is not encouraging a healthy, balanced diet, where treats should only be an occasional event rather than a very regular occurrence. We also feel this puts pressure on parents to provide treats for a large number of students.

As such, we are asking students not to bring lollies or treats to give out in celebration of their birthday. We will look into ways for us to celebrate the birthday of all students consistently and equitably, whilst also looking for practices that will be sustainable as we continue to grow. Both hubs will be talking to students this week to explain this expectation to them. Students may also have some suggestions about sustainable ways to celebrate birthdays at Amesbury.

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