Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tuesday Morning, Frosty Morning - Some Descriptions

It was an icy morning and the wind blew like a hurricane. Even though the sun was shining, the ice was a slippery slide. As I walked to school I felt like the ice was reaching out at me as though it was going to pull me down into the earth. “Darn this ice,” I muttered as I got up from slipping for a fourth time. The Ice was a freezing dagger underneath my feet.
- Ryan T

The pond over in the wetlands is an ice bolder and my shoes are cups of water. I can feel the the ice crunching under my feet, the blue matting is like a ice skating arena, the frost feels like a cloud wanting to dribble down some freezing water. I can feel my hands freezing, the flax is an icy sword and the bridge is dripping water like a hungry wolf dripping water out of It’s frosty mouth.
- Logan B

It was an icy, cold morning.  The grass was screaming at the ice to get off him, so he could warm up with the sun.  The pond was frozen shut by the wind which wanted ice everywhere.  Everywhere you looked the icy wind blew across the school like the wind wanted a frozen world.  He hurled over looking for his next prey to freeze, and won’t stop if you're the next one he sees.
- Phoebe R

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  1. Great story's Amesbury.Very descriptive and a but of rhyming,wish i was such a good writer.


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