Monday, 24 August 2015

Science, Smoothies and More

Bone ExperimentsBone Experiments — by admin Amesbury School

Check us out having fun learning about different aspects of being healthy...

For our Term 3, Hauora/Well-being learning today, some of us are looking into physical well-being (taha tinana).  In particular, we are investigating different ways we can keep ourselves healthy.

There were a total of 11 work stations, which gave us a chance to work at lots of different things, some of them involved; experimenting on bones, making healthy food, finding ways to keep our lungs, heart and mind healthy, doing tai chi,  and learning the importance of water, sleep and keeping clean.

By admin Amesbury School

Photo Gallery

Sharing feelings!Sharing feelings! — by admin Amesbury School

Resting up at the sleep station!Resting up at the sleep station! — by admin Amesbury School

Making a smoothieMaking a smoothie — by admin Amesbury School

Water stationWater station — by admin Amesbury School

The 'clean' work stationThe 'clean' work station — by admin Amesbury School

Bone station, with Tai Chi about to start in the background.Bone station, with Tai Chi about to start in the background. — by admin Amesbury School

Planning a smoothie recipePlanning a smoothie recipe — by admin Amesbury School

Physical fitnessPhysical fitness — by admin Amesbury School

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