Tuesday, 22 September 2015

2 minutes of brushing

BrushingBrushing — by admin Amesbury School

The mouth - just one of the many interesting things we learned about this term...

We have been learning all about our bodies - and wow they are interesting things! 

The kids wrote explanations and produced infographics all about muscles which are proudly displayed in Mawhero.  We also learned about the mouth so brought toothbrushes into school to practice brushing for 2 minutes.   

We tried to eat food and identify what we were eating without looking at the food - this is called a blind taste test.  Kaitlin's mum, Miranda, came to join in with the fun! It was a lot trickier than we thought to pick the flavour when we hadn't seen what we were trying. 

Siyala's mum, Sharmilla, came to talk to us about being a Doctor.  She was able to show us some of the cool instruments that she uses to help identify what's wrong with her patients.  She also told us about sore throats, reflexes and how hard she worked to become a doctor.  Sharmilla told us that she was so impressed with our knowledge of the body.  She said that some of the stuff we were learning, she learnt about at Medical School. Perhaps we have some future doctors in the hub!

By Claire Jolly

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EyesEyes — by admin Amesbury School

EarsEars — by admin Amesbury School

FlavoursFlavours — by admin Amesbury School

Taste testTaste test — by admin Amesbury School

BrushingBrushing — by admin Amesbury School

BrushingBrushing — by admin Amesbury School

Muscle InfographicsMuscle Infographics — by admin Amesbury School

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