Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Amazing Roddy and his Nightmare!


Student Roddy O'Connor is the lead character in the production of NIGHTMARE.

Our very own Roddy O'Connor is the main character, Jimmy, in a show being put on by Sweet Muffin Productions at Newtown Community and Cultural Centre. In spite of the company's name, there is nothing sickly sweet about this production! This darkly fantastical tale of dreams coming true is being put on to celebrate Halloween and, though a challenging role, is an opportunity that Roddy has relished. The story is as follows:

"Jimmy and his baby brother, Joel, have been removed from their abusive home to live with their unfamiliar Aunt Dala and the landlady Angie. Jimmy's days are gloomy, but Ole Lukoje, the Sandman, visits him at night and Jimmy can escape into dreams. But when the fantasy starts to seep into reality Ole grows too strong.”

Interested in attending? Follow the links below for further information.

Nightmare 6.30pm, Oct 29-Nov 7, Newtown Community and Cultural Centre Tickets:

Way to go Roddy! We are so proud of you!

By Lesley Murrihy

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Roddy O'Connor learning his lines for NightmareRoddy O'Connor learning his lines for Nightmare — by Lesley Murrihy

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