Wednesday, 18 November 2015

International Community Celebration happening here on Friday 5.30-7.30pm - all welcome


Come along for dinner and a show at Amesbury School.  We've got student walk-through expos, Indian dance, cultural dress parade, music and fabulous food!  

It's going to be great, remember we're combining our Learning Celebration and Community Evening, then adding a bit, so it's an evening not to be missed - and everyone is welcome!

There's been a lot of preparation by all of the students. They will be doing an expo of short presentations or performances relating to a creation story or myths and legends from around the world.

Because it's a popular evening for activities in Churton Park with the Craft Market also being on (5-8pm), we've organised a timetable for people to know what's on here (and when) so if you want to go to, or need to be at, both, then hopefully you can.  Also handy to know is that each of the student activities in the walk-through Expos will be repeated a few times within the 20 minute hub timeslot.


5.30-7.30pm - food stalls, displays, entertainment and the Scholastic book sale

5.50pm - Yr 0&1 students report to Koru Hub 

6.00 - 6.20pm - Koru Hub walk-through Expo 

6.20pm - Yr 2-6 students report to Harakeke Hub

6.30 - 6.50pm - Harakeke Hub walk-through Expo 

7.00 - 7.20pm - Cultural dress catwalk/parade in courtyard

7.20 - 7.30pm - Amesbury Awesomeness Awards


Well there's something for everyone - savoury and/or sweet!

Chinese: Beef steam buns, custard-filled moon cakes, dumplings, spring rolls, fried rice and chicken soup 

South African: Pancakes and Jaffles (toasted pocket sandwiches made using a metal skillet or jaffle iron) 

Swedish: Waffles

Kiwi: BBQ - Sausage Sizzle (including Veg/Gluten Free)

Malaysian - The Hungry Monkey Food Truck traditional Malaysian desserts, cakes, savouries and meals spun into the modern age, with vegetarian and gluten free options. 

Beef/Lamb Rendang, Hungry Monkey Bao Sandwich with roasted pork belly, spicy beef or tofu (V) Hot Steamed bun with roasted pork belly or coconut filling (V) Malaysian style cakes savouries • Kumara cake (V&G) • Cassava cake (V&G) • Beer Battered Curly Potato • Beer Battered Banana Fritter with or without ice cream.


Don't forget about the 'Bring a Plate' table!  If you have any favourite delicious culinary delights or refreshments that are specific to your culture, and are easily made/eaten in 'bite-sized samples' please bring them along to the office after school on Friday, or put them on the table (in the corner between the library and Harakeke entrance) when you arrive, so others can sample your treat with a hot cup of coffee of tea, for a gold coin donation. 

Please include a card that informs;

  • Name of food and its country of origin
  • If it has any traditional/customary significance
  • Main ingredients (particularly if it has nuts, egg, dairy)
  • Optional - Your name and number/email (in case someone wants the recipe!)
We'll have a few things you can buy to enjoy now or to get for Xmas presents - customised Chinese calligraphy bookmarks, Scholastic books and SandArt packs/activity.  You'll also be able to try on a saree, learn some interesting facts about Sweden, and find out what the Churton Park Community Centre offers.  

Plus, we're going to have a visit from a certain big red dog!

Please bring small change, $5 and $10 notes and gold coins as the stall holders won't have large cash floats.  The food truck has Eftpos however this is only for purchases, not cash out.  

Remember let Clare know  if you want to sign up for the cultural dress catwalk/parade - it would be great to see a mix of traditional dress, cultural icons and country colours represented.  

We look forward to seeing you there!

By admin Amesbury School

Photo Gallery

The Hungry Monkey Food TruckThe Hungry Monkey Food Truck — by admin Amesbury School

The Sweden-New Zealand Association-WellingtonThe Sweden-New Zealand Association-Wellington — by admin Amesbury School

Steamed BunsSteamed Buns — by admin Amesbury School

DumplingsDumplings — by admin Amesbury School

SandArt SandArt — by admin Amesbury School

Fried rice and Spring rollsFried rice and Spring rolls — by admin Amesbury School

Swedish WafflesSwedish Waffles — by admin Amesbury School

SandArtSandArt — by admin Amesbury School

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