Thursday, 28 July 2016

Gracie's Race Review

Gracie worked really hard during our school cross country competition, qualifying her for Northern Zone Cross Country. Here is her exciting review of the NZ race - great job Gracie!

My Race!

I won the race at Amesbury School year 4 girls so I qualified to run at Northern Zone. I felt so nervous when I was at the starting line and when I was about to go!!  My legs go wobbly but I am fine once I start running.

BANG!!!!!!!  The gun has gone off and I am off running.  When I am running I am thinking about where I am going. I am feeling determined as I am near the front of the pack.  I hear people screaming. I can hear my dad shouting, “Go Gracie, go Gracie.”  It helps me run faster and faster.

Once I finish my race I feel tiredness but I am proud of myself for doing well. I really, really love running!!!

By Gracie