Friday, 21 October 2016

Athletics Day


There were six events in that day of uphill hill hard work battle to see who was the greatest. My personal favorites were vortex, quoits and long jump. Funnily enough I was actually really good at it. For every event someone different won: Freeman won sprints, I won quoits and Callum won vortex. No-one was good at everything especially with me doing high jump, one reason for that is the weather.


At the start of the day it was horrific. The weather was so bad I started getting dressed into my normal school clothes. Every hour after it just kept getting better, sadly for me high jump was just at the wrong time of the day. Sprints were at the wrong time of the day too because it was too hot. The weather didn’t affect the sports events and the ran smoothly.

Overall the day was quite great, there were no injuries and everyone had a good time.

- Harry Law

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