Wednesday, 2 November 2016


The moment I stepped onto the dance floor I felt a quiver down my spine. I was being watched by all the parents. I got lined up, ugh so loud. I knew for salsa we had to be partners with the person next to us so I looked next to me. It was Tre. I was having so much fun.

Now Jack and Mark were introducing themselves and what we were going to be doing. I was bursting with excitement.We were starting. “Shoulder, shoulder… Ok, I’m getting it.” I thought.

“ALL I WANNA SAY IS THAT THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US!” We all shouted. Now I was doing the ‘pump, look up- bring it on down’ move. It was really fun.

We moved on to the salsa. Lots of the girls hated being with the boys but it was alright. We were doing the dance and we had so much fun. Now for the surprise… The parents were invited up onto the dance floor and we had to do ‘Ice Cream and Cakedy-cake!’
We had a really enjoyable, fun, epic, awesome and amazing time learning how to dance and actually doing the dance. I had a blast.- Grace Buchanan

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