Saturday, 5 November 2016

Koru Persuasive Writing

Koru Hub continues to work on writing persuasively. We have been getting our creative juices flowing by inventing new products and then persuading others to use them or buy them. Can you see anything here you would like to try?

If you love wings and if you love colour and sparkle then you should get flying pyjamas. 
My first reason is it can make you fly up to the sky. My second reason is if you don't want to walk to bed then the colour and sparkle wings will fly you to bed. My third reason is your bed will fly when you're asleep. 
Flying pyjamas are so cool that you should get some any day.                               Emily, age 6

Do you want to buy a transforming toilet? You can go into space!
The toilet has a jet pack so you can go anywhere you want to go. It comes with a double toilet so you can go on the toilet with your friend. And after a while you get flushed down the chain. 
I think it is fun.                       Josh, age 6

Do you want a pet Ponycorn? It's very cool so do you want it?
My first reason is that you should get it because it has a button and if you click on it the Ponycorn will turn you into a ponycorn, too! My second reason is that if you say the word LOVE the Ponycorn will give you a ride. My third reason is that if you touch or press its cutie mark the cutie mark will change. If the cutie mark is the same all the time it will be boring. That is why the cutie mark changes.                             Sonia, age 6

Are you sick of fighting? You should use a Protection Wardrobe! 
My first reason is it can save your life and it goes to war. My second reason is it kills baddies. My third reason is if you touch its undies then he will laugh! 
Protection Wardrobe is war-tastic so you should get it today.          Jack, age 6

Some creative products and compelling reasons to try them! We'll keep the persuasive writing coming!

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