Saturday, 19 November 2016

Persuasive Writing by Te Rito Hub

Would you rather...Would you rather... — by Angela Johnston

This term we have been improving our literacy through persuasive writing. Here is a small sample of work from Adhrit, Hannah and Bowie. These ones are inspired by John Burningham's book titled "Would You Rather".

Bang, a crocodile! I believe you should have a house in the jungle. It is very exciting.You can drink in the jungle because of the jungle's river, and the animals drink by it too. Or you can drink from the tap in your house. The water in the jungle in pure.When you build your house in the jungle you'll see scary animals. You'll be eaten by the animals. Tricked you! Do you want to kill a snake? The snake is a friendly snake. If you want to kill it then kill it, if you don't want to kill it then don't.Living in the jungle might be sticky but it will be super fun!

By Adhrit (5 1/2 years old)

Yawn, snore, zzzzz. I believe you should have a bear because they will read to you.The bear will read to you and it might be a funny story. It might be about a chicken stuck up the chimney.Another reason is they might take you to bed so Mum and Dad don't need to take you to bed and the bear will read to you.Another reason is it will take you to school and it will read to the class.It will be fun reading with a bear. The bear is the best fun you will ever have. 

By Hannah (nearly 6 years old)

Bang, smash, punch!I think you can believe a cat can box. You should box with a cat because you can play and wear boxing gloves. It is hot in boxing gloves.You can get strong muscles. Your legs and your arm muscles will get strong. You can box sometimes and win fights.I think boxing with a cat is the scariest thing you can do.

By Bowie ( nearly 6 years old).

By Angela Johnston

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Persuasive Writing - by Te Rito HubPersuasive Writing - by Te Rito Hub — by Angela Johnston



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