Thursday, 2 February 2017

Don't forget - swimming starts on Tuesday!


Swimming lessons start for all students on Tuesday 7th Feb (next week). We won't be at school on Monday to remind students about bringing their swimming gear, so they may need a reminder from home!

Students all need to bring togs, a towel and a swim cap in a named swimming bag. Goggles are also very useful, but not compulsory.  

Year 4-6 students will be swimming between 10:30  -12pm at Keith Spry Pool. Year 3 students will also be swimming at Keith Spry Pool from 12 - 1pm. Year 2 students will be swimming at Johnsonville School Pool from 1 - 2pm, with Year 1 students swimming at the same pool from 2 - 2:30pm.  All lessons will be run by EasySwim instructors. 

Let the fun begin!

By Urs Cunningham

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