Saturday, 18 November 2017

People in the know tell you more about Amesbury School

In Koru Hub we have been writing reports about various topics.

We decided that we would like to let our community know more about various aspects of the school. Last week we shared some of our reports about electives. This week we will let you know a bit more about Amesbury School, because we think it's a bit different and special.

We hope you find our reports informative.

Amesbury School is fun because we have got three playgrounds. Kids get teached (taught) inside a class. 
There are three hubs like Koru and Te Rito. The big kids are in Harakeke. 
We have one big playground. We have two little playgrounds. We have a baby playground so babies have fun. 
You should come to Amesbury School because we have a bike track. 
Josh V

Amesbury School is colourful and special. Amesbury School is special because the people are nice. The teachers are funny because they sometimes make mistakes. And they are the best because they teach us cool stuff like maths. 
Amesbury School is cool because lots of people are going there because it is special. 

Amesbury School is in Churton Park and it has two playgrounds. During lunch some people go on the playground to play on the monkey bars, swings and balance beam! The best thing at Amesbury School is learning because when some people do maths, they like play with the blocks! 

Amesbury School is a popular school that has hardly any problems and it is a very good school. Children read with their reading teacher and you can often find them in the library. Kids at Amesbury have maths at school and kids like it so much. The best thing is that Jackson comes in the hub and looks around for places to hide! 

Amesbury School is fun because you learn good stuff like chess and mathletics and reading.
The library is fun because you read books and play games and you take the books home. It has colourful furniture. 
Amesbury School is awesome because it's good to learn.
Jade M

Amesbury School is fun because the hubs are colourful and it's on Amesbury Drive. 
The teachers are funny and good because they teach you how to learn. They give you a break.
The library is the best place to be because you get to read and read. 
Amesbury School is the best place to be. 

Amesbury School is fun because you get to drink milk. 
The library has books you can read and there are games you can play. You get to go at lunchtime!
Uniform shirts are green and gold and blue and red and stripes. 
At school we have an awesome library. It is a great school because there is a playground, there are two playgrounds. 
You'll love it and Amesbury is awesome. 

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