Sunday, 25 March 2018

Welcome to our homes!

As part of our Term 1 inquiry across the school around 'Living as a Connected Community' we have been exploring diversity and culture.

In Koru Hub we have been thinking about our family culture - activities, beliefs, routines and celebrations that are important to our families. We created 'House Art' pictures - fold out versions of our houses that show who are part of our families and what is important to us.

We are now writing descriptions of our house art so we can share them with others. We believe it is important to share our family culture with others, and to learn about the culture of others; this helps us to appreciate and embrace the wonderful diversity in our school, our community and our world.

Here are some descriptions that we have written about our homes so far:

Kirat's Home
Hi i’m Kirat and i’ll be talking about me and my family, so first I’ll be talking about my little brother. He likes to play jokes on me, and my parents. Once he pretended to be a wizard, and turn me into a frog. My mom dresses up always into fancy clothes whenever we go for a special occasion! My dad loves to play sport With me especially cricket we spend a lot of time with each other. Me I am so sporty that I go crazy when I play sports!

In my family we celebrate Holi,it’s when you splash amazing colorful colors on other people
and you say happy Holi and rub the colors on to their faces, it is funnier than you think.
And we celebrate it. My family celebrates Christmas. Every Christmas Eve me and my family put food for santa underneath the christmas tree.  In the morning I'm so excited to open the christmas presents because I love presents!
My house. It is as white as a polar bear, the roof tiles are black like an extremely dark hole!
We have a basketball hoop and we even have a playhouse (dark blue.)

Liam H's home
Come to my house
Outside my house I have a hot barbecue as hot as a match.I have a really old outdoor table.
Meet my family - my cat is fat as a elephant with his soft fluff.His favorite thing to do is have a rough catfight. Last night I could see him from my dark bedroom looking at a bush.He got ready to jump up into the dark sky oh my gosh.
My celebration (EASTER). I celebrate Easter. When it is Easter me and my sister go on big Easter hunt. Once my mum  put a Easter egg in my lego box but my fat cat ripped the shiny soft wrapping and it melted on top of my lego box. (boo hoo)

Ezekiel's home
Welcome to my house the chance is you have seen it before.     
My house has a  small backyard {it's not a real backyard}. Its a tree balcony  we can only see trees. To get to that balcony you need to go on the stairs outside or the back door.
The inside: Once you come in my house you will see stairs but in front of the stairs at the side there is two rooms. One is the garage we do not park one of the cars in the garage because we need somewhere to put our boxes. The other room is the tv room we don’t use that room because it does not have a tv.
The color of my house is blue and black. My house does not have a space to ride my bike so I don't ride my bike. I have a four person family I have a sister a mom and a dad. My sister is the lazy one my dad is the chief of the family. My mum is the main cook. The end.


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